Every service we provide
is tailored for your real estate success.



Are you tired of “driving for dollars” or searching around your city for a good wholesale deal or investment opportunity? We make wholesaling and investing easy by providing you with vacant house leads and distressed property leads during your first consultation. Simply let us know what zip code you would like to start working vacant houses in, and your list will be pulled and ready to go. We also provide commercial property leads for those who are more interested in pursuing commercial buildings.


Do you find yourself searching for the phone numbers of homeowners that you are trying to get in contact with, only for the numbers you find to be disconnected or wrong numbers? We simplify the process of getting in contact with your home owner by providing you with phone numbers, mailing addresses, and email addresses along with your leads, so that as soon as you get acquainted with your houses of choice, you can begin the contact process immediately.


Unsure of how to fill out your first contract or paperwork? Or maybe you would like a real estate professional to accompany you to see a homeowner? No problem. We provide you with your own personal real estate professional that can assist you out on the field with appointments and contracts. They can even create a list of buyers for you who are interested in purchasing the home you have under contract with your homeowner!



Once you choose a membership, the next step is to book a consultation appointment with one of our investment coaches, so we can find out what your goals are and create your game plan. Your investor coach will provide you with leads in the zip code of your choice at your first appointment, and ensure you are truly positioned for success!


So the homeowner gives you a price of how much they would like to sell their home for, however, you want to know if the price they are requesting is accurate to the value of the house. Your assigned real estate professional can provide you with comparables within the neighborhood to confirm that you accurately price your deals.


We make life for investors easy and time efficient. If needed, we complete the entire rehab/renovation process from beginning to end so you don't have to. We manage all contractors that are necessary to renew the home in the most cost effective manner possible. So basically, once you've invested in your deal, sit back and relax, or put time into any of your other endeavors while your deal closes itself.


No money? No credit? No problem! Along with helping you improve your credit (if needed), we help set you up with the funding necessary to buy or renovate a house or commercial property. If you are starting with the Investor Membership and you are not a cash buyer, you should provide a pre-approval letter from your bank showing the price range of how much funding you are approved for during or after your scheduled consultation appointment. Also, keep in mind that we can assist you in obtaining more financing then what the bank will give y